We affirm the essential beliefs of the Church, including:

  • the inspiration and authority of Scripture
  • the triune nature of God
  • the deity, humanity, and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • the creation of the world
  • the fall of humanity
  • the need for salvation in Jesus alone
  • the return of Jesus
  • and God’s ultimate victory over evil

For all other nonessential areas of the faith we provide grace and community. We have plenty of opinions about all sorts of things, but we have very few official stances as a church. Our goal is not to dissolve our various aspects of diversity, but rather to join together in spite of them because of our pursuit of Jesus.

At Abundant Life, there’s not a membership plan with perks and benefits. Instead, we ask our family to serve our guests. We want to give ourselves to make the Gospel good news for others.

What it means to be a family member at ALC:

  • You have been baptized by immersion
  • You attend intentionally (weekend worship and life groups)
  • You serve regularly (see our serving application here)
  • You give generously (sacrificing for others, not a percentage)

We invite you to check things out as a guest in hopes that one day you’ll choose to become part of this family with us. We want others to see the good news of the Gospel because of the way we live it out.

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