Pastor George announced on Sunday, October 21st that he and the elders of Abundant Life Church are bringing the All In initiative to a close at the end of this calendar year. If you have made a commitment to the All In campaign, allow us to share a few thoughts as we move forward.


All In was designed as a two-year expanded vision initiative. Discussion about whether or not to have a campaign, the type and length of the campaign and many other details about the future of ALC were items of prayer and consideration for several years. Work on the initiative began in earnest in late 2015 and early 2016. All In was launched officially in August of 2016 and giving towards the All In initiative began in December of last year.

In the meantime, the eldership’s discussions about Pastor George’s succession (which had been a discussion initiated by Pastor George a number of years earlier) began to move from the theoretical to the practical. As a reminder, George’s transition was not triggered by any incident or event, quite the contrary. In hindsight, we can now faithfully identify this as a moving in the spirit of our church leadership, the hearts of George and Ann, and as we would eventually learn, in the hearts of Jeremy and Michelle Jernigan. In summary, the transition from George as our Senior Pastor to Jeremy as our new Lead Pastor moved at a much quicker pace than anyone anticipated.  Historically church leadership transitions can take several years.  Had the spirit not moved in the hearts of the Powells and the Jernigans, we might still be in the midst of a season of transition. Obviously, that’s not the case and we are excited to begin moving forward in this next season.


Why stop All In?

The All In initiative was built on George’s expanded vision for the church. As he met individually with almost 100 church couples and as he shared his heart at the Pacesetter dinners and Ministry Leader events and to the congregation as a whole, he was able to share about the church he sees and the things we needed to do to move forward and continue to grow. The concepts are all still sound: we still need to be positioned to grow (spiritually and physically), we will continue to partner with great ministries locally and around the globe, and we will challenge everyone to grow. However, All In was crafted in George’s voice articulating ideas and concepts he was passionate about. It was the next step of chapter one. We feel it will make a cleaner transition to bring the campaign to a close at the end of this year and allow Pastor Jeremy the opportunity to embrace the launch of chapter two in the life of our church.

What has been accomplished during All In?

Money received from All In commitments, as with our regular giving, included what we needed for our operating budget and a list of priorities identified by the leadership. You’ll see a list on this page of those things that have been accomplished during the first year of the All In campaign. Two major construction projects at the Happy Valley campus are through the planning phases and we are working on permitting and final funding. We believe if we finish this year financially strong, we will be fully funded to complete the Hemrich Rd. expansion for the Happy Valley Campus. Physical construction should happen as soon as weather permits in the spring of 2018.

What about my personal commitment to All In?

Giving and choosing to give is a very personal act of worship between you and God. During this initiative we called people to consider making a two-year commitment. On the giving statements sent out last month you’ll see your family’s progress towards that commitment. As we close this campaign, your giving and whatever level you choose to give at will remain your choice. Technically and practically, as 2017 draws to a close, we will also close out the campaign. All In commitments will be reflected in your year-end giving statement, but will not be shown on giving statements moving forward in 2018. Just because we are finishing the campaign doesn’t mean our vision has become smaller. Instead, God has astonished us with some “just so happened” moments that have brought us to this exciting time in our church and what this means for our future.

What now?

Your faithful and continued giving to ALC is vitally important to us as we continue to reach more and more people for Jesus Christ. We want to encourage you to continue to give faithfully. If during this process you were motivated to expand your giving, we pray that God has been faithful and blessed you because of this and you will continue to give at this level. Regardless of your choice, know that we truly appreciate your ongoing and faithful support to the ministry at ALC. Your support empowers us to launch chapter two in the life of this church. Exciting days are ahead and we are so grateful for your partnership in building His kingdom in our communities.


If you have additional or specific questions about All In, please contact us using the form on the bottom of this webpage.






Expanding our Spiritual Capacity

After the successful completion of several pilot groups, Rooted was rolled out to the congregation as a whole at all campuses. To date, over 500 people have either completed or are in the process of completing Rooted. Testimony from those participating has been enthusiastic, with many people sharing that it has been the highlight of their spiritual journey.  Rooted will continue to be offered on a regular basis, with the hopes of seeing all that call ALC their church home to have the Rooted experience in common.

Reaching the World

As additional resources have been given to ALC through All In, so too we have increased our giving above and beyond outreach budget to support local and global ministries. Examples of this expanded giving include a $75,000 gift to help finalize the purchase of the Melito church in Naples, Italy and a $15,000 gift to Echo Ranch to purchase a tractor.

Happy Valley

  • A new digital sound board was installed in the main auditorium replacing a worn and antiquated board and improving the overall sound quality in the room.
  • The video broadcast room was moved downstairs and a new digital video switcher replaced an outdated unserviceable unit required for the online campus and weekend message recording. This was a first step in a long list of improvements needed to our video delivery system to our campuses.
  • Conference rooms were upgraded and new technology installed for places that people gather to learn and grow, including expanding our video-conferencing capabilities.
  • Several office and conference rooms were refreshed and repurposed to make better more efficient use of limited spaces.
  • Master planning has occurred, calling on the talents of local architects and developers to assist us in creating a plan that will anticipate and accommodate for future growth and the needs from that growth. One major project slated to be completed as a part of All In is the widening of Hemrich Rd from our west entrance gate to 172nd. Expanding this road from two to three lanes will assist us in managing the traffic on and off of our property during crunch periods between services and will create a much needed turn lane from Hemrich to 172nd.

  • The creation of additional space (referred to as a flex space, and/or the expansion of the Community Room which was discussed as the campaign was launched, will be rolled into future plans for expansion at the Happy Valley campus.

Sandy Campus

  • Sandy Campus building was purchased.
  • Video system upgrades were made in auditorium to provide better experience.
  • A new printer was purchased for administrative support.
  • A new refrigerator and freezer was purchased and cabinetry was installed in support of campus events and activities that require food.

Vancouver Campus

  • A youth loft was created for Student Ministries, including finishing touches such as furniture, TV’s and gaming consoles, creating a fun and attractive space for youth.
  • Installed cabinetry and stainless steel tables in the warming kitchen.
  • A new information counter was installed creating a spot for guests and attenders to inquire about the campus and sign-up for events and activities.
  • The Vancouver Campus buildout was completed.

If you have additional or specific questions about All In, please contact us.