We are on the verge of a defining moment in the history of our church. Abundant Life Church is uniting as ONE CHURCH around ONE VISION funded by ONE FUND. All Together. ALL IN! Thank you for your faithfulness as we’ve strived to fulfill our mission of “Reaching as many people as possible for Jesus Christ…” throughout our 27-year history. For the past several years we have been praying and seeking God’s clarity for our future. Through this season, the ALC staff and eldership have affirmed God’s calling and vision for the future of ALC. This campaign, that we are calling ALL IN is HIS vision. As you take a look at this overview, you’ll see our expanded vision for ministry. Our leadership teams at all of our campuses have been praying and strategizing. Together we will present some incredible opportunities to keep reaching people for Jesus – and focus on a renewed call to ENGAGE, GROW, SERVE & GO!

Thank you for beings so faithful. Your generous giving changes lives! Please pray that everyone at ALC will respond with a unified “YES!” to God’s expanded vision for the future of ALC.


What is a One Fund? Can I still designate my gifts to the projects I want to give toward? (i.e. Building Fund, Disaster Relief, Benevolence, etc.)  Also, are we doing Care. Reach. Grow. and other drives plus the ALL IN campaign?

ALL IN is a “One Fund” campaign. The term “One Fund” simply states that instead of taking special offerings designated for construction (capital) needs, emergencies (disaster relief), special projects (Care. Reach. Grow.) and to help those in need (benevolence), ALL IN contributions will be used for all of these things, plus our expanded vision (new physical expansion and spiritual expansion) and general operating expenses. We do not anticipate calling for any special offerings during the two years of ALL IN. The one exception will be our Dollar Mission Sundays, which is an opportunity once a month to provide a special love offering to our missionaries in the field.


Can we trust ALC is going to do what they say they’re going to do with the money?

ALC has an outstanding track record of being faithful stewards of resources given in faith to reach our misson. The budget is submitted each year by the pastoral staff and it is approved and overseen by the elder board. The board is ultimately responsible for the church’s finances. ALC’s business operations functions under the Pastor of Communications & Operations, and is executed by our business manager and accounting team. As additional resources become available through ALL IN, they will be managed with the same level of stewardship.


What if we don’t reach our goal?

The projects for ALL IN will be carefully prioritized and resources allocated accordingly. The general operating budget will always be maintained as the first priority. Because ALC chooses to give back 10% to global and local missions, as we receive contributions we will fund our outreach projects. New capital projects identified under ALL IN as part of our physical expansion will in turn be prioritized and completed as funds become available.


Where is the money being spent? What is the breakdown?

During the teaching of the ALL IN series, Pastor George has been addressing “why we give” and commitment through the biblical story of Abraham. Pastor Dave joined Pastor George to explain how the funds will be used. You can watch that video by clicking HERE.


Why are we talking about expanding our physical capacity while at the same time eliminating our Sunday evening service?  Will the 5pm Sunday service ever come back?

The 5pm service was stopped at the end of the summer for a couple of reasons. The first being that attendance was continuing to decrease, and that it was taking a significant staff and volunteer commitment to sustain it. In addition, we were anticipating a shift in student ministry programing indicating a desire to take advantage of the building on Sunday evenings for large group events. This is still under discussion and may happen. We are still evaluating that decision and will re-examine the situation prior to Easter. We are aware that Sunday (or Saturday) evening services are of value to families that work on Sunday mornings and understand the impact this change has had. However, we have also learned that many people who enjoyed the option of Sunday night have been able to adjust their attendance to Sunday morning.


Why is the normal operating budget being included in the big number?

We understand that by stating all of our needs over the next two years (our operating budget, missions giving, and expanded vision) is a bit confusing and presents what feels like a HUGE number, but we hope that as we move forward this will begin to make more sense. To put it simply, we are trying to show what our total vision for the next two years as a church might look like. Our goal of $14.5 million includes what we are currently doing and identifies what we hope to accomplish if the resources become available. To clarify further, if we did NOT have this ALL IN campaign, we know that our fiscal year 2016-17 (year one) operating budget would be $3.4 million and our fiscal year 2017-18 (year two) operating budget would be $3.6 million. Combining year one and year two means that our two year operating budget would be a little over $7 million. Of that, $6.3 million would be received and spent in general operations, and $700,000 would be directed to local and global outreach. So now, in addition to this, we’ve identified an additional $7 million dollars to help with special projects (see the answer for “Where is the money being spent?” above). We believe these things will help us reach more and more people for Jesus Christ. And, as our giving increases to help us complete these projects, we will in turn make additional contributions to local and global outreach.


When will we start seeing the vision components materialize?

Some aspects, especially regarding some of the cosmetic changes at the campuses may happen prior to Easter 2017. If funds are available and permits are approved, we hope to begin work on exterior projects by early summer of 2017.


So what is Rooted, and when will it start?

ALL IN is all about expanding our physical capacity AND our spiritual capacity. Rooted is a key part of expanding our spiritual capacity. It is a ten-week discipleship experience and will become a catalyst for life change. Discussion is facilitated in a small group environment, creating a safe space for biblical exploration and practical learning experiences. The Rooted journey helps people grow as disciples of Jesus through a combination of small group conversations, daily devotionals, and transformational experiences. Rooted is not just for new believers or new church attenders, Rooted is for everyone! Rooted is much more than just information, it’s a life-changing experience cultivated in a safe learning environment. Rooted forges healthy spiritual relationships and helps connect people to their purpose in God’s story. We will begin to roll out Rooted with key leaders in the spring of 2017 and plan to launch Rooted for the whole church in the fall of 2017.


How will what we are doing create space to grow as a church?

Essentially, everything we do has impact directly or indirectly on growth. For example, regarding the facelift component, if we make a bad first impression, then someone may not return. With regards to the egress onto 172nd and additional parking, this will directly affect people being able to come on and off the Happy Valley Campus, eliminate frustrations with traffic flow, and provide a better experience, all of which affect if people return or not. Additional square footage will make it possible for us to offer another morning service during the time when most people desire to attend church between the hours of 9am and noon. 


Why aren’t we just building a new auditorium instead of a flex space?

Our plan from the beginning has been to have three building phases:  a multipurpose building (our current auditorium), a children’s/student facility, and an auditorium. God willing, this is still a part of our master plan, but not now. These intermediary steps position us to bring more people on and off the campus, improve our parking and traffic flow, and offer another morning service, all of which impact future development. In addition, as we grow over the next several years, our base will be larger providing more people to help support the next stage of development. Also, these current projects will not trigger costly road improvements. 


What if something happens and we can’t fulfill our two-year commitment?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and unexpected circumstances arise. Ultimately, God is in charge and, if someone is not able to fulfill their commitment, we believe God has that under control and will raise up others to not only fill in the gap but join with those of us already moving God’s purposes forward.


What if I’m on a fixed income and can’t contribute more than I already am?

If you are on a fixed income and can’t increase your generosity, that is understandable. We are grateful that you are already contributing according to God’s current blessing and provision in your life.


What if we can barely make ends meet now?

Only you know your specific situation and current budget. If you have prayerfully considered your budget and don’t have places where you can redirect resources to the churches’ vision, that is understandable. One point to prayerfully consider is sometimes the reason one cannot give is because they are not giving. In other words, if giving brings blessings into one’s life, then that may be the key to unleash resources not yet realized but waiting to be poured into one’s life. 


How do we commit if our future plans are uncertain?

In reality, no one’s plans are certain. No one is guaranteed tomorrow . . . tomorrow’s health, tomorrow’s job, or tomorrow’s situation. Pledges are made trusting God to provide the resources. One thing is certain, if we trust God, He will direct our steps. He simply asks us to take steps of faith and leave the rest to Him.


Vision Document


Make your Commitment

Moving Forward & Growing Deeper

$6.57 Million

Our Annual Operating Budget for Year 1 & 2

Positioning for Future Growth

$6.55 Million

Happy Valley Campus Facelift, Flex Space,
Traffic Egress & Additional Paved Parking

Sandy Campus Building Purchase

Vancouver Campus Build-Out

Reaching the World

$1.4 Million


Ongoing Missionary and Local Outreach Support

New Local Outreach Initiatives

New Global Partner Special Projects

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The next two annual budget years are accounted for in the ALL IN campaign. Our day-to-day operations continue as they have and are our number one funding priority; allowing us to continue to do all of the amazing, life-changing ministries we’re already doing. In addition, beginning January of 2017 a new discipleship growth opportunity called “Rooted” will be rolled out. We anticipate that by the end of the ALL IN campaign everyone at ALC will have had a chance to experience Rooted.

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As a church family, we are constantly asking “what’s next…and where?” We have a heart to continue to grow our capacity to reach more people. This is demonstrated in our history:

  • While at Pleasant Valley Elementary School, the site of our first public services, we immediately began looking for a more permanent place to meet. God provided the SDA church where we met for 11 years, but we began searching for land in the Happy Valley area to build a building. Once land was acquired, the congregation pulled together to raise funds to build Phase 1 (2004) then Phase 2 (2007), each stage allowing us to keep growing.
  • After Phase 2 we could no longer expand the HV campus because it became “land locked” due to inadequate land for parking and lack of city services (sewer and water). ALC embraced the multi-site model, and we began pursuing growth on a more regional basis. Successful campuses in both Sandy and Vancouver are now launched and permanent facilities acquired. In addition, over 200 people participate each week via our online campus streaming live each Sunday.

Now, for the first time in our history, people are moving towards us. Additional land around the HV campus has been purchased and city services are at our doorstep. Now we can develop additional parking, new traffic flow on and off of the property, additional square footage for youth and event space and prepare to connect to city services. Regarding encumbrances , we can take advantage of a large discount if we pay off the Sandy Campus building within the next two years and we hope to pay off money borrowed to acquire adjoining property and build out the Vancouver campus.

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ALC supports a number of missionaries on nearly every continent around the globe. ALL IN will continue to support them and the teams that support their ministries. Ministry to our local communities around our campuses is equally as important. A significant amount of what is raised through the campaign will be poured back into these local ministries – and allow special local and overseas projects to be funded.


ALC’s Expanded Vision Starts with Me

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Reaching as many people as possible for Jesus Christ is the passion of Abundant Life Church’s founding pastor George Powell and has been the heartbeat of ALC since its first public service on June 7, 1989. For over 25 years ALC has found creative ways to share the Good News of Jesus with people in a culture that is moving farther and farther away from God. As ALC continues to grow, our impact on the hurting and those far from Christ has become regional and global through our Sandy, Vancouver, and online campuses and missionary partners. Our reach now extends to nearly every continent on the globe! Through God’s grace, what started as a church that averaged only 55 people during that first summer has grown to a church that nearly 5000 people call home.

ALC’s vision is built upon three great statements from Jesus: The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), The Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39) and The Great Promise (John 10:10). From these words we discover our call to ENGAGE our world, and spheres of influence, and invite everyone we know to engage God in a deep and personal way.expanded-vision-diagram

We believe this happens first and best in our gatherings as a church family when we come together in the spirit of Loving God to worship, learn and be encouraged. As ALC continues to grow, neighborhoods develop and new families move in across the street from our Happy Valley campus, we need to position our church physically to accommodate more and more people on Sunday mornings, a time when people typically gather for church.

Abundant Life Church is all about Loving People and helping everyone GROW by taking the next step in their spiritual journey. Growth happens best in the context of relationships – and relationships happen best in small groups. ALC is expanding its small group vision to include Rooted – a discipleship process that connects people with others and provides an experiential opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with God.

Whether it’s in the local church, the community or around the world, there’s nothing more exciting than helping people discover their “sweet spot” in serving others. As people SERVE in their passion, the fulfillment they discover is powerful and the impact they make in Jesus’ name is immeasurable on this side of eternity. At ALC, we define this intersection of service and fulfillment for God’s glory as Loving Life. Our expanded vision is to strengthen our discipleship process to enable more people to serve, and to provide needed financial support for our local and global ministry partners.

As this expanded vision unfolds, imagine our church family; engaged, growing and serving, then continuing the process by taking the challenge to GO and reach more and more people for Jesus Christ!

We know our continued growth and expansion is only limited by our resources and imagination. As a church family, we embrace this truth: we can do ALL things through Christ who gives us the help we need, and that our God can do immeasurably more than we can ever hope or imagine. We stand together with anticipation that the immediate future and beyond will be the most exciting endeavor we’ve embarked on in our church’s history.

It’s a God-sized vision that can only be achieved through seeking His strength through prayer and collectively coming together as a church family to be unified with one heart and one voice.



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